Things You Should Avoid When Installing an HVAC System

Make Sure Your Cooling and Heating Contractor Doesn’t Do Common Mistakes When Installing Your Unit

Many HVAC systems develop problems simply because they were installed wrong. Mistakes during the installation process make HVAC units unreliable and less efficient. As a reputable cooling and heating contractor in Newport NC, we’ve seen all sorts of installation mistakes. However, some of them are more common than others. Learn about them and make sure your contractor doesn’t do any of these mistakes.

            Improperly Sized Units

            When buying an HVAC unit, you must take several factors into consideration, including the square footage of your room, the height of the room, the R-value of your insulation, etc. All this information is used in a complex formula in order to determines the type of unit you need.

            Improperly Sized Ducts

            Oversized ducts may lead to waste of energy, while undersized ducts may cause your unit to overheat. Same as with the HVAC unit, the ductwork must be built based on a series of measurements and calculation.

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